Project Overview

The Town of Cary has been rehabilitating major sewer lines that have reached the end of their service lives along the Crabtree Creek Greenway and portions of the Black Creek Greenway. The rehabilitation work is essential so that the Town can maintain its infrastructure and protect the environment. The Crabtree Creek Greenway has reopened in July 2022.  Now, the Black Creek Greenway sewer rehabilitation has begun and will occur in two phases from West Dynasty Drive to the Crabtree Creek Greenway intersection.  The first phase is now underway between North Cary Park and West Dynasty Drive, which requires the closure of that Black Creek Greenway section.  The second phase will begin in the Fall 2022, upon completion of the first phase, and will temporarily close the greenway from North Cary Park to the Crabtree Creek Greenway intersection.

In addition, following the Black Creek sewer rehabilitation, the greenway will then undergo a renovation project, restoring 2.5 miles of greenway from West Dynasty Drive to Old Reedy Creek Road. The greenway will be upgraded to meet current greenway standards and elevated in flood prone areas to improve improving trail resiliency. This work will be completed in phases, beginning in 2023.

The single most important strategy is to minimize trail closures, impacting only one greenway at a time and deploying detour routes for greenway users. These projects involve careful sequencing so that greenway closures can be minimized. Information about trail closures and trail detours are provided (see further information below).

Sequence of Operations


Rehabilitate Crabtree Interceptor

Calendar Year 2021-2022

Completion 2022 (Greenway Now Open)


Rehabilitate Black Creek Interceptor

Calendar Year 2022-2023

(Will be done in phases.)


Repair & Renovate Black Creek Greenway

Calendar Year 2023-2025

(Will be done in phases.)

Construction Timeline

Greenway Detour Routes

During the sewer rehabilitation projects, greenway users may use detour routes that provide connectivity to commuter and recreational destinations. These detour routes will follow a combination of existing trails and roadways, and signage will be provided to guide trail users.

Black Creek Greenway Detour

Phase 1 – W. Dynasty Drive to North Cary Park
July 2022 – Fall 2022
  • Greenway Distance: 1 mile
  • Detour Distance: 1.5 miles (to Black Creek Greenway crossing of W Dynasty Dr.)
  • 1.9 miles to Black Creek Greenway at W Dynasty near Harrison

Black Creek Greenway Detour

Phase 2 – North Cary Park to Crabtree Creek Greenway
Coming Fall 2022

Interactive Map


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