Project Overview

We are excited to announce construction of the Black Creek Greenway Renovation and Cary Parkway Sidewalk at Black Creek Projects, which are scheduled to begin in early June. These projects will improve and rehabilitate Black Creek Greenway from West Dynasty Drive to Old Reedy Creek Road and complete an existing sidewalk gap along Cary Parkway over Black Creek.  

Construction is anticipated to take three years to complete and will take place in three phases to help minimize impacts to greenway users.  Each phase will require closing and detouring that section of the greenway while the other sections of greenway remain open. Each phase includes contractor incentives for early completion.

The first phase will begin at West Dynasty Drive and end at the North Cary Park access to Black Creek Greenway.  This phase will take the longest to complete because it includes the installation of a significant pedestrian bridge over Black Creek Greenway on the north side of Cary Parkway. 

Crowder Construction Company has been hired to complete the project.

Monthly Construction Updates

Coming soon!

Phase One – Starting June 2024

Timeline – Construction Phases

The construction phases for the Black Creek Greenway reconstruction will be in three separate parts.


West Dynasty Drive to North Cary Park



North Cary Park to Weston Parkway



Weston Parkway to Old Reedy Creek Road Trailhead



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