Detour Route Information

Moving north to south, the detour begins with a right-turn over the Black Creek bridge into the North Cary Park trail network which winds up fairly steep terrain to enter the main portion of the park.   

The detour follows Norwell Boulevard southbound after walking through the North Cary Park entrance and parking lot, using existing sidewalk and bicycle lane. 

The detour follows NW Cary Parkway westbound for a short 1/5 mile to Thorpe Drive, utilizing existing sidewalk.  Follow the marked crosswalk to the southside of NW Cary Parkway before reaching Thorpe Drive.

The detour follows Thorpe Drive from NW Cary Parkway to Evans Road for 2/5 mile (the full distance of Thorpe).  Users may make use of existing bike lanes and/or sidewalk for their journey.  The sidewalk is on the east side and is meandering and wooded.

Users will turn left (or south) on Evans Rd and utilize the existing 5-foot sidewalk for the short 600 feet to West Dynasty. 

The detour turns left (or east) on West Dynasty Drive.  West Dynasty features bike lanes and a sidewalk on the north side of the road.  The roadway is quite hilly with significant stretches of up and down.  West Dynasty intersects with the Black Creek Greenway crossing of West Dynasty, where the greenway continues southbound off-road along the Black Creek. 

Users may also continue towards the location of the Black Creek Greenway’s intersection with West Dynasty (eastern intersection where trail comes in from north), near Harrison Ave.