Detour Route Information

Moving west to east, the detour begins along the Evans Road five-foot sidewalk for about one quarter of a mile.  It crosses Weston Parkway at a stoplight with marked crosswalk and countdown signals.  

Moving west to east, the detour follows Weston Greenway for nearly one mile.  The Weston Greenway is an 8’ paved, shared-use path that is mostly forested.  There is considerable topography with steeper slopes so use caution.  When reaching the trail juncture, continue straight (or right) until reaching Norwell Blvd.

The detour follows Norwell Blvd for 1,000 feet to North Cary Park.  Users will follow the sidewalk.  The Town of Cary is retrofitting the roadway to also provide buffered bicycle lanes to enhance the community, safety, and recreation options.  Users will follow signage and enter North Cary Park through the parking lot to the next section.

The detour traverses approximately one half mile, winding through beautiful North Cary Park along existing shared-use path (that is mostly 10’ wide).  The pathway connects to Black Creek Greenway where users will turn northward to reconnect to the Crabtree Creek Greenway.

The final leg of the detour follows the paved 8’ wide, mostly forested Black Creek Greenway shared-use path for nearly one mile.  The trail segment is generally flat, going under Weston Parkway, reaching Lake Crabtree and the Crabtree Creek Greenway bridge.